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Fill your senses with the Seychelles

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100% PURE
products that make Mother Nature proud

Our Story

Derived entirely from nature – with no added ingredients and no chemicals – our products provide holistic benefits to our customers and inspire them as a sustainable alternative to artificially derived ones. Today we are the first and only company in the Seychelles that has been able to certify its cinnamon bark and its essential oil (bark and leaf) as organic by Ecocert.

The desire to revive and innovate three traditional industries in the pristine paradise of the Seychelles led Mustafa Bristol to commence business in the agricultural sector in 2010. Previously going by the brand names of Globarom and Tropeko, the plant-based, ecologically respectful products have recently undergone a rebranding as SEYBIO under the auspices of Bristol Enterprises Ltd. 

Our Story
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